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Homer and Lisa’s relationship is one of my favourite things ever. He spent this entire episode trying to convince Lisa that she was beautiful, and he insisted to Marge that he wasn’t just saying it as a father, he genuinely believed that Lisa was the most beautiful girl in the world. Not to mention the fact that this episode ripped the shit out of the idea of child beauty pageants and how the self esteem of girl’s is diminished in general.







Anonymous asked: ps You look gorgeous darling

Thank you so much lovely <3

Anonymous asked: Top Five inspirations?

This was a interesting one! I’ll try not to ramble

Marilyn Manson: I could ramble forever about this band and this man, but to summarise it I love this band because the concepts are so interesting and well thought out each album coming with a different look and feel and inspiration but all so amazing and fascinating. As for Manson himself, he helped me believe it was okay to be me when I didn’t want to be me at all.

John Waters: He’s called the pope of filth and that’s true. He makes trash. But it’s so bad its good. It’s so flawed it’s perfect. 

Trent Reznor: I love his music. Everything he touches turns to gold. He unfairly has a reputation as a dick when he is actually just shy but completely endearing. He had depression and anxiety bad and he seems so happy now, he’s such a amazing talented man and overcame stuff that I have struggled with.

Ged Quinn: He’s a painter from the same city as me and his work is stunning. He takes a lot of inspiration from books, films and music which is what I like to do in my art too. Other artists I love are: Michael Hussar, Joel Peter Witkin and Gottfried Helnwein 

People being kind, but also people being mean, people hurting: I am inspired all the time to continue being kind and be more loving and helpful and supportive as I can be. I want to spread positivity. I want to be nice, I want us all to be nice. I think putting out good and kindness is very important.

I hope I didn’t ramble too much or sound like a total dork.

(Also a lot of Japanese movies and directors inspire me because they make films that look beautiful but with the most disurbing stories eg takashi Miike Audition and Sion Sono Strrange Circus)

Ask me my “TOP 5” anything!


The yellow brick road from the abandoned theme park “The Land of Oz” in Beech Mountain, North Carolina.